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Hi There! 👋. I am Kewal.

I am a current MS-HCI student at Georgia Tech.

Since my childhood, I have always had a strong liking for the Arts. I loved writing poems and creating drawings. As I grew up, I became increasingly interested in technology and was intrigued by how it can help make a positive impact in our lives. Consequently, when I was introduced to the subject of Human-Computer Interaction in my undergraduate program, it was love at first sight.

During my undergraduation, I co-authored a paper on analyzing cross-platform app development tools and I have been fascinated by the domain ever since. In the past year, I have loved learning and developing with React and React Native.

3 things I am most passionate about are – learning how to use and develop software, designing products, and sharing my knowledge with others. Inspired by these, I came up with my own motto, “Learn. Design. Teach. Repeat!” 

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There is a countless list of activities that I enjoy doing which have also shaped my life.
Below are some of my favorites! ❤️

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Poetry Blog

I love reading and writing poems, especially in Hindi. You can find my selected poems at this WordPress blog.

Q & A

I like asking and answering questions about technology (Ubuntu, macOS, Android etc.), language and design. You can view them on my StackExchange profile.

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